Here's what we do, in a nutshell

Bridging the gap by picking up donations from the donor, transporting the donation, whatever it may be, ensuring it reaches those most in need of the donation, free of cost.

BridgetheGap.co.in will try to make things easier for you, the donor. Fill in the form below, wait for us to get in touch with you, we will fix an appointment on a suitable weekend, at a place of your convenience where you can hand over your donation to us. We take care of transporting the donation for you, and will get back to you with receipts from the organisation receiving your donation.

Bridging the gap by providing information on which organization is most in need of the particular item you would want to give away. This service is again, free of cost.

Do you have things to give away to those in need, but aren't able to figure out which organisation is in need of your donation? Bridge the Gap can help you. We have established relationships with various NGOs across Chennai and maintain a database of their requirements. Once you approach us with your query by filling the form below, we will contact you with details of organizations that could use your help.

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Bridge the Gap.co.in is an attempt at offering a solution to a problem that we’ve stumbled upon over the last few months talking to friends and strangers alike. The world isn't as bad a place as some of us make it out to be. If there's one trait we've seen in people it's that most of us have the inclination, if not desire to give to those in need. It's the insignificant things like time and logistics that tend to stop them.

Bridge The Gap.co.in will neither charge you for our services nor pay you any money for your donation.
BridgetheGap.co.in will try to make things easier for the donor. We have created such a platform on the web so donors may use this website to provide us with information on what they wish to donate.

The delivery service is currently limited to residents of Chennai City
We plan to pick up the stuff from donors, identify which individual/organization needs it the most and then deliver it at their doorstep. BTG will personally bear the cost of transporting your donation from your place to that of the receiver and have the receiver give you a receipt/ acknowledgement after they receive your donation.

Donation pickups will be made only on weekends. Every effort will be made to inform you in advance and have your approval for the time of pick up.

If you are a donor who has the logistics sorted out, but are not sure who would find the most use for your donation, we can help you with information. These services are free of cost.

The Team:

Maheedhar Raman, is a practicing Chartered Accountant in Chennai working numbers by the day.

Pradeep Mohan, from Marksmen Initiatives has contributed to the development of the site.

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Our Donors

Selvakumar donated a huge quantity of clothes and these reached Bala Vihar

Ragavendira and family donated clothes and these were given to Sri Arunodayam

Veena donated clothes that went to Guild of Service – Bala Vihar. Veena and her husband Siddharth are huge supporters of our endeavour.

Ranganathan and family donated a great count of books, stationery, clothes, pillows and electronics. These reached Sri Arunodayam and Nalmanam

Sreemathy donated a brand new cycle to NalmanamSreemathy donated a brand new cycle to Nalmanam